Friday, December 7, 2012

Hatching and Coss Hatching Oh My!

Last year, I taught Linear Shading to Advanced Art Students. This year, I decided to try it with 9th grade Studio Art Students. We completed the project following our unit on observational value drawing using pencil. Students were already warmed up to value and knew all about their core shadows, highlights, reflective light and all that other good drawing stuff. I kept it small (8"x11") for time sake and most finished the project, start to finish, in about a week.
1) I showed the class an Intro to Hatching ppt. with several artist examples. Students then created a scumbling, hatching and crosshating value scale in their sketchbook. 
2) Students found an image online (one that was free to use or copy) for their drawing. They drew their image on white paper using the grid method outlined below:

 3) Students were given ultra fine sharpie markers and instructed to begin by identifing their darkest areas first.
 Student Examples

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