Monday, June 6, 2011

High School Art Show!

High School Art Show!

9th Grade Impressionism Paintings and a 10th Grader's Papier Mache Guitar.

9th Grader's Richard Serra Paper Sculptures and Value Drawings.

9th Grade Block Printing.

9th Grade Self-Portraits and Mondrian Mat Board Houses.

9th Grade Impressionism Paintings.

10th Grade Micrography Self-Portraits.

11th Grade Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art.

Self-Portraits completed by 11th and 12th Graders

Picasso and Braque inspired Abstract Still-Lifes.

Symbolism Timelines

Collaborate work completed by Highschool students.
Vincent Van Gogh and Chuck Close mash up.

9th Grade Monochromatic Paintings.

11th Grade Abstract Name Pieces.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Middle School Art Show!

Here are the highlights from this year's Middle School Art Show!

Folded book done by an 8th Grade student.

6th Grade Henna Hands, Navajo Weavings and humorous Eric Straw inspired self-portraits.

More folded books. I love the colorful pages!

8th Grade Op Art.

8th Grade Paul Klee inspired Self-Portraits.

Initial Color Wheels completed with Tints and Shades.

Keith Harring Figures and some Impressionism Paintings.

Abstract mask paintings inspired by Picasso.

Still to come - Highschool Art Show!!
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elementary Art Show!

Here are the highlights from this year's Elementary Art Show!

Pre K winter trees.

Kindergarten Mondrian collages and barnyard pigs.

First Grade rocket ships.

Second Grade Cave Art and penguin prints.

3rd Grade Charlie Harper collages and chihuly chandeliers.

4th Grade Hundertwasser houses.

5th Grade Louise Nevelson assemblages.
5th Grade Dali elephants.

5th Grade animal prints.

Middle School and High School Highlights coming soon!!

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